Monday, September 7, 2009

Mixtape Mondays - Tailgating Tunes

The rationale behind some of the tunes from our contributors

Garth Brooks "Beer Run" - Because that is needed as a precursor to the tailgate. You have to start there.

Bruce Springsteen "Glory Days" - Football and tailgating are about having a desire to hold on to your youth. This song is about that,too.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson "Booty Ooty" - We dare you not to have a great time listening to this song.

Devo "Uncontrollable Urge" - One of the few good things to ever come out of Ohio. Mark Mothersbaugh & Co., beer, and barbecue? Admittedly, it's a bizarre combination, but it works well.

Unknown Hinson "Cheeseburger" - There is only one thing that' more American than football and tailgating, and that's Unknown Hinson.

Refused "New Noise" - Off of 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come. The song was featured in Peter Berg's Friday Night Lights--arguably the best football movie ever made (you can quote me on that)--right as the Permian Panthers are walking out to the field for the state championship game. It's a great fit. The first minute of the song rattles and serves as a perfect psych up to releasing your inner beast. The high energy is a consistent high voltage current that should carry you from the tailgate to your seat

NOFX "Beer Bong" - May or may not fit the feel or the rest of the tape, but it's sort of a "why not" pick.

The Mountain Goats "Fall of the High School Running Back" - It's not really an optimistic or early-season type song.

Simon & Garfunkle "Leaves That are Green" - About passage of time, rituals of youth and the sights and sounds of the fall.

Beach Boys "Be True to Your School" - At the core of your tailgate comes this rationale

YPMB "March On Down the Field" - Because you need to be true to your school

Talking Heads "Stay Hungry" - The motto of a griller who has too many burger patties and not enough mouths. Plus is groovey bass line will keep those waiting in line for that burger tapping their toes - thus burning calories for more consumption.

Toni Basil "Hey Mickey" - Dedicated to the cheerleaders out there.

Screaming Trees "All that I Know" - For the game that gets away.

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