Saturday, January 24, 2009

And so it begins ...

On a Saturday afternoon, not too distant from today, a group of young adults sat waxing politics, sports, pop culture and the like. By this point, their temperaments were relaxed and their cheek grooves well established in their vinyl cushions. You, the outsider, would likely picture cheap cold ones mingled amongst our protagonists. Lo! … you would be correct!

With a rousing college football competition as white noise, rants were volleyed back and forth. After a particularly humorous account of a weekend escapade, our politically engaged friend made a particularly insightful comparison of the platform of Sir Winston Churchill with the characters of SNL’s Horatio Sanz. Who knew?

After a brief moment of silence, the following dialogue took place which may have altered the very fabric of civilization.

“Hark, this chatter is such fun! Why not makest such merry musing public,” cheered one whose diction derived from seeing to many medieval period pieces and may perhaps be the author of this post.

“Here, here!” bullied another of Ivy League distinction smugly sipping a tini.

“We could each write on a recurring basis on variety of topics. It could even be posted on the ‘internet’ on a blog” interjected the practical, literalist whose comments only help to conclude thoughts to prevent awkward and abrupt transitions.

“Hooray!” exclaimed the conformist of few words who was not invited to contribute.

At that it was settled. All concurred and all was good.

Thusly, started "Around the Couch" and its journey through the depths of the human mind.

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