Sunday, April 5, 2009

Around the Sonnets: Today, We're All Tied for First

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It's op'ning day and I root for the Cubs.
A thankless task but one I cannot quit;
First Grace and Sandberg and a bunch of schlubs,
Now Soto, Marmol; Hill can't buy a hit.

We joined the century club just last year.
You'd think ten MVPs would hit the mark;
Even Darnielle has made it all too clear
That heartbreak lives at Addison and Clark.

Yes Wrigley's been the site of tragedies
With Bartman, goats; the annual nosedive.
A fandom full of painful memories
No Series games seen since one-nine-four-five.

But through it all a ray of hope is seen;
Zemeckis said it'd be 2015.

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