Friday, May 8, 2009

Contributor Bio: RTTF (“Rachel The Token Female”)

Rachel the Token Female (RTTF for your abbreviation pleasure) is a left-wing, drunken-philosopher type with an awkward sense of humor and a love of bowling. But (to quote Samantha Bee of the Daily Show speaking of Sarah Palin) what’s most important here is that she has boobies. She will bring a "feminine perspective" to Around the Couch, with all the mediocrity that that implies.

Rachel was raised in the lush environs of Irvine, California, and now makes her home in New York City. There she is employed in fighting bureaucratic baddies with the irrefutable power of statistics, and her mind (official title: Research Analyst at the Vera Institute of Justice). Rachel graduated from Yale in 2006, where she had the dubious pleasure of spending her college years with Fidel Martinez. She is also writing a novel.

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