Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around the Sonnets: Bad Jokes, Rudimentary Rhymes, and Semi-Obscure References with Explanatory Links

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I've been remiss; neglecting blogging time,
Don't have so many worthwhile thoughts it seems,
So now I will express myself in rhyme,
Like N-Dub-A but more focused on memes

Less blogger, now more of a sonneteer,
With world events and maybe book reviews
They won't be good; hi, econ major here
This is my first; I hope I find my muse.

I will put up some normal posts as well
But these are quick and also pretty short
Aim low, my standard's Romeo Crennel
With practice, closer to A Girl In Port.

So now you've read it, sonnet one is done
This may flame out or I could have some fun.


So...in case the above didn't make this clear, I've decided to start regularly posting sonnets. I wanted to post more often than I have been but I was having trouble finding the time and inspiration to come up with much to write. This is about the third non-prose piece I've written in my life, so I decided to go with a fairly rigid structure - standard Shakespearean, iambic pentameter, ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme. I plan on putting them up once a week or every other week, and they'll deal with current events or whatever happens to pop into my head.

If this lasts beyond late April, I'll be impressed.

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