Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Contributor Bio: Josh Cain

Josh Cain is a globe trotting adventurer masquerading as a respectable corporate citizen. By day a slightly out of place office worker, by night a jujitsu fighting, pun-making, obscure-country visiting explorer of the absurd. Josh's primary goal in life is to get himself into as many awkward, dangerous, or otherwise interesting situations as it takes to generate a seemingly endless supply of anecdotes which he will endlessly repeat until his friends pre-empt him with the oft-heard "yeah, you've told us that one before."

Since his days as a humor writer in high school and college and a staff writer for the now defunct video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, Josh's audience for his stories has primarily been confined to bar patrons and females on increasingly uncomfortable first/only dates. While his friends and fellow bloggers discuss music, politics, and ways to make the world a better place, Josh lies in wait until the perfect opportunity to bring up the time he was almost murdered in a Turkish brothel or make artful use of the phrase "that's what she said." With this blog, his inane bar room ramblings are now yours to enjoy and relate to others as though they were your own. You are truly blessed.

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